Chapter 5    Ethics in American Shin Buddhism Trans-Ethical Responsibility
Chapter 6   Concern for Others in Pure Land Soteriological and Ethical Considerations: The Case of Jogyo daihi (Constantly Practicing Great Compassion)
Chapter 7   Engaged Shin Buddhism: Toward a Discourse of Engaged Living (Seikatsu-ron)
Chapter 8   Where is the Pure Land? A Controversy in Chinese Buddhism
Chapter 9   Symbolism of Amida and Pure Land in an American Context
Chapter 10   A scientific Explanation of Pure Land and Amida
Chapter 11   Issues of Ethnicity in the Buddhist Churches of America
Chapter 12   Perspectives of Asian American Buddhists on American Buddhism: With a Focus on Their Views on Non-Asian Buddhists
Chapter 13   Community Building in Shin Buddhist Sanghas: An Examination of Two Temples in Japan and the United States
Chapter 15   The Challenges Facing Shin Buddhist Propagation in America

Part II - Contemporary Pure Land Buddhism in Japan and
the United States Practice in the World
Part I - Historical Development in Asia
 Chapter 1    India and Central Asia
 Chapter 2    China
 Chapter 3    East Asia: Korea, Japan and Vietnam
 Chapter 4    South Asia: Tibet and Nepal
Table of Contents
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In this work Dr. Tanaka deals with a form of Buddhism that is less known outside Asia compared to Zen or Tibetan forms. It turns out, however, that Pure Land Buddhism is one of the largest, if not the largest, branches of Buddhism in Asia. Part one provides a historical overview of Pure Land thought and practices as they developed in India, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tibet and Nepal. These pages reveal for the readers the pervasiveness of Pure Land thought and practices among the diverse countries of Buddhist Asia. The discussion unveils another dimension of the rich living traditions of Buddhism. Part two contains essays that are "theological" in nature and focuses on Japanese Pure Land School, Shin (or Jodo Shinshu or Shinshu). With its history of approximately 110 years on the American soil, Shin Buddhism has been involved in an ongoing effort to meet the religious needs of its constituents and to explore the social issues of contemporary society in the United States. Christian readers will find in Shin Buddhism striking parallels with Christianity, especially with Protestant Christianity.

Pure Land Buddhism
Historical Development and Contemporary Manifestation
by Kenneth K. Tanaka
Bangalore, India, Dharmaram College, 2004
ISBN: 81-86861-72-6