Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Conventions
Introduction: Challenge to Orthodoxy

Part 1

Chapter One: Pure Land Buddhist Development in India and China Prior to Hui-yuan

Chapter Two: Hui-yuan's Place in the Buddhism of North China

Chapter Three: Textual Background of the Commentary

Chapter Four: Treatment of the Kuan-ching

Chapter Five: Rebirth: Causes and Ranking

Chapter Six: Impact on the Shan-tao Commentary

Chapter Seven: Conclusion

Part II Translation of the Commentary

General Notes and Synopsis of the Kuan-ching

The Commenary on the Sutra of Visualization on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life by Sramana Hui-yuan

Appendix One: Rankings of the Buddhist Path (marga)




Kenneth Tanaka
The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine
Ching-ying Hui-yuan's Commentary to the Visualization Sutra.
New York: The State Univ. of New York, 1990.