Table of Contents

 Part One: Social Engagement  
 Shin Buddhism in the West: The Question of Authenticity   Taitetsu Unno 
 An Essay on Socially Engaged Buddhism   Paul O. Ingram 
 Jodo Shinshu's Mission to History: A Christian Challenge to Shin Buddhist Social Ethics   James Fredricks 
 Shin Buddhist Social Thought in Modern Japan   Mark T. Unno 
 Concern for Others in Pure Land Soteriological and Ethical Considerations: A Case of Jogyo daishi in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism   Kenneth K. Tanaka 
 Part Two: Expressions in History  
 A Brief History of Pure Land Buddhism in Early Japan   James C. Dobbins 
 Honen and the Tale of the Heike   Maya M. Hara 
 Pure Land Belief and Popular Practice: The Odori Nembutsu of Ippen Shonin   James H. Foard 
 Ordination Ceremony of the Honganji Priests in Premodern Japanese Society   Eisho Nasu 
 Glorious Gathas: Americanaization and Japanization in Honganji Hymns   George J. Tanabe, Jr. 
 Part Three: Constructive Engagement of the Teachings and Practice  
 The Visions of Vaidehi: Transformative Symbolism in a Visualization Practice   Richard K. Payne 
 Existentializing and Radicalizing Shiran's Vision by Repositioning It at the Center of Mahayana Tradition   Gregory G. Gibbs 
 The Essence of Shinran's Teaching: Understanding to Praxis   Shigeki Sugiyama 
 A Bibliographical Summary of Studies on Myokonin: Retrospect and Prospects   Zensho Asaeda 
 Healing Laughter: A Shin Dharmology of Mara   Roger Corless 
 An Abridged Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Alfred Bloom    
The Challenges Facing Jodo Shinshu in the Contemporary World
Engaged Pure Land Buddhism
Essays in Honor of Professor Alfred Bloom
edited by Kenneth K. Tanaka and Eisho Nasu