* The following video clips were made by transfoming DVD to SDF files suitable for the Web. Original DVDs were produced by Dr. Kenneth Tanaka under the sponsorship of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK). Duration of each program is 15 minutes.
Produced by Dr. Kenneth Tanaka
Mutually Sustaining LifeF
@A Buddhist Call to a Troubled World

Program 1: Introduction to the Program and Growth of Buddhism

Program 2: Reasons for the Growth of Buddhism in the U.S.: Meditation (Guest: Jonathan Watts, American Theravada Budhist)

Program 3: The Developments in American Buddhism: Jodo Shinshu

Program 4: Characteristics of American Buddhism: Engaged Buddhism (Guest: Prof. David Loy, American Buddhist philosopher)

Program 5: Buddha's Birth: Renunciation and Ascetic Practice (Guest: Reverend Jiho Sargent, Zen female priest)

Program 6: Buddha's Awakening: Teaching and Passing on (Guest: Reverend Jiho Sargent, Zen female priest)

Program 7: Images and Statues of Shakyamuni Buddha (Guest: Monica Dix, University of British Columbia)

Program 8: Images and Statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (Guest: Monica Dix, University of British Columbia)

Program 9: Four Noble Truths: Suffering is Optional

Program 10: Four Noble Truths: Interview (Guest: Rev. Kodo Matsunami, Jodoshu Priest)

Program 11: Four Noble Truths: 12 Links of Dependent Arising

Program 12: Inter-religious Dialogue (Guest: Rev. Kodo Matsunami, jodo-shu Priest)

Program 13: First Mark of Existence: the nature of suffering

Program 14: First Mark of Existence: Interview (Guest: Venerable Sumanasara, Theravada monk)

Program 15: First mark of Existence: turning suffereing into resource for living

Program 16: Three Teasures: interview (Guest: Vererable Sumanasara, Theravada monk)

Program 17: Second Mark of Existence: The Universe and I

Program 18: Second Mark of Existence: Life of a Zen female priest (Guest: Rev. Wako Ishikawa, a Zen female priest)

Program 19: Second mark of Existence: Societal Dimention

Program 20: Second Mark of Existence: Zazen Meditation (Guest: Rev. Wako Ishikawa, a Zen female priest)

Program 21: Second Mark of Existence: The Sacred Self

Program 22: Buudha Nature (Guest: prof. Gene Reeves, Rissho Kosei kai Seminary)

Program 23: Second Mark of Existence: Emptiness and Letting go

Program 24: Kuan-yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion: Solace for the People (Guest: Prof. Gene Reeves, Rissho Kosei kai Seminary)

Program 25: Third mark of Existence: Truly Understand and that Life is Impermanent

Program 26: Third Mark of Existence: A Tibetan Lama's View of Impermanence (Guest: Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen Gonta, Tibetan Buddhist Lama)

Program 27: Third Mark of Existence: Living in the Present

Program 28: Tibetan Buddhist Meditation (Guest: Geshe Sonam Cyalsen Gonta, Tibetan Buddhist Lama)

Program 29: Third mark of Existence: Be Open to Change

Program 30: From Tiananmen Square to dharma (Guest: professor Jidong Chen)

Program 31: Fourth mark of Existence: Nirvana is Peaceful and Tranquil

Program 32: Qualities of Awakened People (Guest: Professor Jidong Chen)

Program 33: Fourth Mark of Existence: Change Comes from Within

Program 34: Dharma School Songs from the U.S.: jodo Shinshu Childrens' songs

Program 35: Fourth Mark of Existance: Seeing Things as They Truly Are

Program 36: Utterances of the Awakened

Program 37: Fourth mark of Existence: Awaken to Everyday Compassion

Program 38: American Zen Buddhists (Guest: Prof. John McRae, Indiana University)

Program 39: Summarizing the Four Marks of Existence: "Think BIIG."

Program 40: Humourous and Lighthearted Buddhist Stories (Guest: Prof. John MacRae, Indiana University)

Program 41: Enghtofold Noble Path: conduct

Program 42: Korean Buddhism (Guest: Ven. Seok Ohjin, Korean monk)

Program 43: Eightfold Noble Path: Meditation

Program 44: Studying Buddhism in american Colleges (Guest: Prof. Linda Penkower, University of Pittsburg)

Program 45: Buddhism and Psychology: Tapping the Jewel Together

Program 46: Social Action: Bodhisattva Sprit of Compassion for Others (guest: Jonathan Watts, american Theravada Buddhist)

Program 47: Buddhism and Science

Program 48: Social Welfare: Project Dana of Hawaii

Program 49: (not available)

Program 50: Sympathizers or "Night stand" Buddhists: Not Buddhist, Yet Buddhistic (Guest: Ms. Nienke Klaver and Mr. Ed Staples)

Program 51: Sharing the Teachings with Others: Yehan Numata's Spirit and Contribution

Program 52: Buddhist Contribution in the Troubled World (Guest: Prof. Sengaku Mayeda, Tokyo University and Musashino University)