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Table of Contents
 Part One    Foundation
 Chapter 1    The Heart of Buddhism: Trunk of the Tree
 Chapter 2    Buddhism Today: A Personal View
 Chapter 3    Buddhist Development: Branches of the Tree
 Part Two    Legacy
 Chapter 4    Shinran Shonin: A Humble Challenger
 Chapter 5    Historical Legacy: Ten Watershed Events from India to North America
 Chapter 6    The Jodo-Shinshu Path: Simple Yet Not Easy
 Part Three    Spirituality
 Chapter 7    Spirituality: Shinjin Awareness
 Chapter 8    Ocean and the Drowning Self: A Personal View
 Chapter 9    Amida Buddha: A Buddhist "God"?
 Chapter 10    The Pure Land: Its Spiritual Meaning
 Part Four    Action
 Chapter 11    Karma: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 
 Chapter 12    Conduct: Daily Activities and Participation in the World 
 Appendix I    Key Historical Dates 
 Appendix II     Life Chronology of Shinran Shonin 
 Appendix III   Kyosho: Preamble of Jodo-Shinshu
 Appendix IV    The Ten Branches of the Jodo-Shinshu School 
 Appendix V    Resources in North America: Jodo-Shinshu Nishi Honganji Branch Affiliated 
 Appendix V    When Confronted by Non-Buddhist Foundamentalists 
Dawn Nelson
author, compassionate Touch: Hands-On Caregiving for the Elderly, the Ill and the Dying
An easy-to-read resource for the Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike! Dr. Tanaka has written a book for the lay person, of any religious background, who is interested in understanding the essence of Shin Buddhism and its historical roots that includes 100 years in North America
Hozan Alan Senauke
Soto Zen priest
National Coordinator of Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Though we practice in different traditions, Ken Tanaka's Ocean, with its emphasis on faith, awareness, and ethics for western Shin Buddhists, confirms that the Dharma has just one essence -- liberation for all beings.
Ruth Tabrah
author and Jodo-Shinshu priest, Hawaii
Ocean is exactly what its metaphoric title describes - a buoyant array of answers to common questions about the Shin Buddhist way of life and thought, its relation to general Buddhism, and its similarities with and differences from other religious paths.
Durwood Foster
Professor of Christian Theology, Berkeley
Rousingly dialogic, engagingly American, and bouyantly Buddhist, this highly readable overview is essential for a whole picture of what Buddhism is becoming.
Hakubun Watanabe
Former Bishop of Buddhist Church of America
An Introduction to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in America

A Dialogue with Buddhists & Others
WisdomOcean Publications: Berkeley, California, 1997.
ISBN 0-9658062-0-0
An excellent overview of Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism for those intrested in its relevance in contemporary American society. Its simpleand systematic style can serve as textbook for Dharma School, study sessions, and new-comers.