A radio interview program of NHK, the only public broadcaster in Japan, on April 3, 2016. This is one of a series of radio programs titled "Syukyo no Jikan" (Time to Talk about Religion) pruduced by NHK
A Boom of Buddhism in the Present America (2016)

Keynote speech on the 750th anniversary ceremony of Shinran Shonin death@i2010j
The keynote speech for the 750th anniversary ceremony of Shinran Shonin at San Jose Betsuin in February, 2010
Lecture at Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS)(2007j
This is a video of the lecture held at IBS in Berkley, CA, on February 14, 2007.
Keynote speech for the WBWC (2006)
This is a keynote speech for the 13th World Buddhist Woman's Conference (WBWC) held in Honolulu on September 2, 2006. The speech is divided into the following five files. Please click each file name to watch.
@@@Video 1@@Video 2@@Video 3@@Video 4@@Video 5

Mutually Sustaining Life: A Buddhist Call to a Troubled World (BDK Video Series)
@This is a series of video programs originally produced by Dr. Tanaka under the sponsorship of the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai).
*The following video and raido programs of Dr. Tanaka might take you some time to watch
depending on your Internet environment because their sizes are relatively large.
Video & Raidio Programs of
Professor Kenneth Tanaka